Burnhard Nero outdoor pizza oven

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Burnhard Nero outdoor pizza oven, stainless steel, including Pizza spatula and pizza stone, high-quality pizza oven, premium wood stove suitable for the garden and outdoors, pellets, coal and briquettes.

Product Description


Who bakes the crispest pizza in town? Of course, NERO!

From now on, your garden became a pizzeria! Because the Nero pizza oven from BURNHARD knows how the Italian dough filament needs to be – golden brown and extra crispy. And the best part: There is no longer long waiting times, Nero bakes your pizza in no time at all.

It’s that easy:

Whether you’re burning your NERO with wood, charcoal, briquettes or pellets – wait until your fuel is completely burnt through and no more smoke from the chimney. When the thermometer shows over 400 °C you can get started. Be sure to position your pizza in the middle on the pizza stone and turn it after approx. 45 seconds 180 degrees. So your masterpiece garts beautifully evenly. Do not open the door during the baking process – precious heat will be lost. Instead, you can track the cooking level of your pizza casually through the air flap.

NERO measures 40.7 x 81.35 x 83.26 cm and can be easily packed and taken with you thanks to the 4 foldable stainless steel feet. Once set up and heated, the wood burning stove turns balcony or terrace scratch fat into authentic pizzeria. Tired of pizza? Then make tarte flambée, quiche or fresh bread! Simply adjust the temperature – for bread e.g. maximum 250 °C.

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Dimensions 57 × 47 × 29.5 cm

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