About Us

About Us

We have returned again after an absence of nearly a year, with the best gifts offered soon.

The second leg of our career.

Much around us has changed, but we have always had the same focus: personalized comfort for our customers, a varied and surprising range and a service that exceeds customer expectations.

Developments and events in technology

Today GiftEmerald, is the online store for word merchants, also for those looking for garden products and smart home devices, in addition to competitions and winning prizes.

Developments in retail (online) are moving very quickly. We reinvent ourselves over and over again.
Everything for the ultimate customer experience!

Why do we do what we do

We want to be # 1 in customers’ minds and hearts.
This is our vision. Our mission is to make the lives of customers everywhere more beautiful and easy.

Our clients tell us that happiness is not just in the big moments, but in the little things: an automatic pillow fight, compliment, or hug. We give customers a space every day for surprisingly beautiful moments.
This is our goal. This is how we want to make a difference.

That way we stay ahead

we keep our promises to our customers and exceed expectations.

be open and sincere, towards each other and everyone else.

we start, we keep learning, we remain agile.

conscious and well-founded decisions help us move forward.

what we do, we do well. And otherwise we won’t do it (yet).

This is how we get the best out of ourselves

feel responsible for the whole and contribute your bit

by working in a multidisciplinary way, we rise above ourselves

you decide what you do based on the impact you want to have

if you keep learning you help the company grow and there is more to learn

be proud, celebrate successes, give praise and enjoy every day!

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